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Most commonly used Roles for TTT2

Role Overview

They are part of the Innocents team and win with them!

Innocent Roles
Clairvoyant Has knowledge about whether a player has a special role or not!
Cupid Can make two players fall in love, they will die together!
Innocent The 'good' guys, just like you know them!
Occultist Will be revived upon death if he fell below 25 HP before dying!
Pharaoh Can place an Ankh! If he owns it when he dies he will respawn!
Priest You can mark people with your Holy Deagle to confirm them as Innocents!
Shinigami You will be brought back to life after dying and know who the traitors are!
Spectre You will haunt your killer and come back to life if your killer dies!
Spy You infiltrated the Traitors and look like one to them!
Survivalist You have the benefit of having a shop!
Trapper You may use Traitor buttons!
Wrath If another Innocent kills you, you will be brought back as a Traitor!
Beacon You will get stronger the more people are confirmed dead!
Lycanthrope You will get very powerful, if you are the last Innocent!
Medium You can read a scrambled version of the Spectator chat!
Liar Like the Wrath, you don't know your role! Your corpse can be turned to a Traitor corpse with one credit!
Alchemist You are brewing potions over time which can help you and your teammates!
Oracle You will get information after some time about the team in which two random players could be in!
Sacrifice You can revive one dead player for the price of your life!
Nova You will explode after a random amount of time leaving nothing of your body left!
Seance You can see dead people as yellow orbs!
Pure You blind the person who kills you and if you kill someone you will become an Innocent!
Hurricane You have a Traitor shop but you don't get any credits throughout the round! You cannot win alone but you can mark players as suspicious if you shoot them or throw a grenade at them! These players can only reach a specific amount of HP throughout the round! Only one player can be marked, so be aware of the Cyclone, who can also mark players!
Revenant If you die, you will be brought back as a Revenant with your own team and the goal of killing everyone!
Defector You will be transformed to a Traitor if one of them drops you a Defector Jihad! You can only do damage with the Defector Jihad!
Guardian You can shoot a player with the Guardian Deagle which provides them with a health bonus! Be aware that you get damage if the healed player gets damage!
Sus You are an Innocent but you could turn into a Traitor with a 50 % probability!
Yandere & Senpai You are an Innocent but you need to guard Senpai to win with him! If Senpai dies or if you mutilate too many corpses you mental state will go down! If you get crazy you will be turned into a powerful Yangire who needs to kill everyone except Senpai!
Poisoner The terrorist who kills you will get poisoned and will lose a lot of health!
Mute Your voice and text chat is not working while you can't equip weapons! You have a very good radar which shows you many information about the other players and you need to convince trustworthy players that your information is valid!

They are public Innocents that everyone can trust!

Detective Roles Description
Deputy You are the Sheriffs deputy, help the Sheriff as best as you can!
Detective A public Innocent with access to special equipment!
Sheriff You can make yourself a Deputy using your Deputy Deagle!
Sniffer Instead of a DNA scanner you have a magnifying glass to find evildoers!
Vigilante You are a Detective who does more damage if he kills evil roles and less damage if he kills friendly roles!
Banker You are a Detective who receives all of the credits that every other role spends in the shop!
Revolutionary You have access to the Traitor equipment instead of the Detective equipment!
Master Chief You have a special rifle equipped, and you have also more health, armor, and a special playermodel!
Warrior Priest You have a special tome equipped which can heal allies and wound enemies, and you have also more health and armor!
Mayor You have a voters list which tells you the role of a player but everytime it pops up its a different player!
Guard & Agent You have a camera and you need to help the player while the Agent is using the camera to kill everyone!
Astronaut Your special meeting maker device gives you the ability to halt a vote! The terrorists can vote on someone to kill, but be careful not to vote out Innocents!
Link You have not only the shop but also armor, more health and a unique playermodel!
Hunch You see the death of other players but if too many die you will take damage!
Chef You can not only cook but also heal everyone every 10 minutes!

They are part of the Traitors Team and must kill everyone that opposes them!

Traitor Roles Description
Glutton Has to satisfy his hunger by eating players and bodies!
Graverobber A Traitor will become this if the Ankh is placed, steal the Pharaohs Ankh!
Hitman Has to kill specific targets in order to get a lot of credits!
Mesmerist Can revive a player, turning them into a Thrall!
Supervillain Destroy crystals to earn credits!
Thrall A player who has been converted into a traitor by the Mesmerist!
Totemhunter Destroy totems to earn credits!
Traitor The 'bad' guys, just like you know them!
Vampire May transform into a bat and heal himself after killing a player!
Executioner Has to kill specific targets, he also does more damage to their target and less to non-targets!
Defective You are a fake Detective, who is a Traitor in reality!
Blight Your killer will be infected and will slowly get damage until he is low on health!
Accomplice You don't know your Traitor colleagues but they know you!
Impostor He has many different powers to kill/trick the Innocents!
Imitator He is a Traitor with no shop who can imitate any Innocent role!
Arsonist You are a Traitor with fire resistance, a flamethrower and a flare gun!
Haunted Like the Spectre, but now as a Traitor!
Cyclone You are a normal Traitor but you can mark players as suspicious if you shoot them or throw a grenade at them! These players can only reach a specific amount of HP throughout the round! Only one player can be marked, so be aware of the Hurricane, who can also mark players!
Roider You deal heavy damage with your crowbar, but you can only deal damage this way!
Sleeper You are an Innocent until all Traitors are dead, afterwards you will be transformed to a Traitor!
Blocker While you are alive nobody can identify bodies except yourself!
Shanker You have no shop but you are equipped with a radar and a special knife which kills Innocents instantly when you attack them from behind!
Ajin If you are the last player alive your hidden strength will be unleashed! You get extra speed, sprint regeneration and more damage! Additionally, you gain extra health, armor, and your health regenerates faster!
Phantom You have no shop and when your corpse gets examined by an Innocent role he dies!
Gambler You have no credits and you must use the random items which are given to you at round start!
Brainwasher You have a deagle which converts Innocents to slaves of the Traitors but only for the time you are alive! Eliminate all other terrorists with the help of the Traitors!

They are not a part of any major faction and often form their own minor faction
with the goal of taking everyone else down!

Neutral Killer Roles Description
Infected Has to kill everyone! Everyone he kills will become his zombie!
Jackal Has to kill everyone! Can make himself a Sidekick!
Necromancer Has to kill everyone! Can revive players as his zombies!
Ravenous Has to kill everyone! The Glutton becomes this if he gets too hungry!
Serialkiller Has to kill everyone! Also has a wallhack!
Restless Has to kill everyone! He can die multiple times but gets weaker!
Doppelganger He needs to steal roles to take the appearance/function of those but he is still in his own team!
Hidden Has to kill everyone! He has special powers which can be activated!
Duelist Has to kill an other Duelist to receive his previous role and team!
The Flood You have many different forms! Combat form which allows you to kill and infect other players with weapons and items but you are slow and weak! Tank form has more health and even armor but no items and no ranged weapons! Infection form allows you to be small, fast and very infectious! Elite form occurs when an infector takes over a corpse as its host and if you get killed the infector has a second chance!
Godfather & Mafioso You have a shop and more health! You are against everyone except the Mafioso players who are on your side!
Doom Slayer You have special equipment and abilities which help you to kill everyone!
Suicide Grunt You are part of the Covenant team! You can kill yourself and other players with a massive explosion! If you die to enemy fire you stay dead otherwise you respawn!
Hunters You are part of the Covenant team! You get a partner at round start and if he dies you go into a rage with a special weapon!
Bandit You have the shop of the Detective and you need to kill everyone!
Blitz You have a massive amount of health and you need to kill everyone!
Suicide Barrel You win if you infect everyone before the timer runs out!
Cult Leader & Cultists You win if you convert everyone to Cultists or if everyone is dead! Your special tome allows you to damage enemies and to heal your fellow Cultists!
Lunk You don't flinch back and no one can deal damage to you! Your goal is to kill everyone with your fists which deal a lot of damage! If you spawn all other players will be switched to the same team!
Copycat You have access to the Copycat Files which is a list of all roles you have investigated! Every 30 seconds you can switch to a role from the list but not the same role twice! You have 1 credit point and you can earn credits but you don't have access to a shop!

They have individual win conditions and playstyles and may be able to
win with major or minor factions!

Neutral Roles Description
Amnesiac Needs to confirm a player, then get that players role and win with that role!
Bodyguard Receives a player to protect, joins that players team!
Jester You have to convince other players to kill you!
Marker Has to mark everyone with the marker's gun in order to win!
Pirate You can give a player your contract and join their team!
Sidekick Help the one that made you a Sidekick win!
Unknown Has to die by another player and will become that players role!
Medic He needs to help everyone or choose a team to help! He has healing powers and he can't win alone!
Cursed He can't deal damage but he will always resurrect!
Mimic He needs to steal roles to take the team/appearance and function of those!
Drunk He has a chance to get the role of a killed player!
Undecided He has to vote for a role to become one! Otherwise something bad might happen!
Beggar Needs a shop item from a player to get the role of the player! He is a Jester role!
Clown Needs to survive until the round end, to kill everyone! He is a Jester role!
Swapper If he gets killed he will transform to the role of the killer and the killer will be the new Swapper! He is a Jester role!
Elderly You have to stay alive in order to win with the last team!
Leech You have to stay alive and you need to be near a player to win with the last team! If you are not near a player you will become more and more hungry and die!
Thief You need to stay alive to steal the win from the others!
Loot Goblin You are a Jester role who is smaller and faster than everyone else but you cannot deal damage! If someone wins you will be the winner of the round! You are also dropping a random Traitor item if you get killed!
Streamer & Simps You are a neutral role who needs to pick up dropped items from other players! If you pick these items up the player who dropped it will join your team and will be turned into a Simp!
Devil You are a neutral role who sees the Traitors! Your goal is to kill them all!
Kobold Hoarder You are faster and shorter than other players! Collect weapons to win the round!
Skele-Doot You annoy everyone with your special weapon and you cannot win or lose!
Necrohealiac If a player dies you will heal up!

Reasons to use

You don't want the Traitors to feel as safe? Just add any of the Neutral Killers to your server. Now even Traitors have to fear getting killed!

You want the Innocents to think twice before they shoot? Add the Jester and/or Wrath to your server.

Having the same number of Traitors each round is boring? Add the Amnesiac and/or Bodyguard to your server.

Traitors having Credits from the start of the round feels opressive? Add the Hitman to your server and make them earn their credits!