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Poupulate the Sidebar

While the sidebar is one HUD element, it is made from two ditinct parts: perks and status icons.


Perks are the icons added after an equipment item is bought (A Second Chance, Disguiser, ...) and are a simple white icon on the HUD background. Adding perk symbols is really easy. An addon only needs one line added:

ITEM.hud = Material("vgui/ttt/perks/hud_nopropdmg.png")

Additionally a small indicator can be added where text can be rendered. It is advised however to keep the texts short (shorter than 3 characters):

function ITEM:DrawInfo()
    return math.random(0, 100)

[See example here]


The status system builds on top of the perk system while also adding more features to it. To use the status system, a status has to registered first. This has to be done on the client.

hook.Add("Initialize", "my_addon_ininit", function()
    STATUS:RegisterStatus("unique_identifier", {
        -- sets the icon that will be rendered
        hud = Material("vgui/ttt/PATH.png"),
        -- the type that defines the color, it can be 'good', 'bad' or 'default'
        type = "bad",
        -- can be used to draw custom text on top of the status icon
        DrawInfo = function() return "Info" end,
        -- should not be used, is set automatically by type (intenal)
        hud_color = Color()

From now on the status can be added client and serverside with the same functions. The first argument has to be the player (or a table of multiple players) when called on a server. These functions are amongst others available:

STATUS:AddStatus([ply,] id)
STATUS:AddTimedStatus([ply,] identifier, duration, showDuration)
STATUS:RemoveStatus([ply,] id)

AddTimedStatus has the cool feature that the icon is removed automatically after a short time period. Additionally it starts to flash five seconds prior to its removal. If you want the left duration to be shown on the icon, you can pass true as showDuration parameter. This will automatically pass the left time to the DrawInfo callback. However this can't be used together with the previously shown DrawInfo function.

[Check out this example]

[Full documentation in the code]