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Migrating to TTT2

General Info

When migrating from a different TTT version to TTT2, not many things have to be considered. Like explained in our troubleshooting guide, you want to check the addonchecker output to make sure no incompatible addons are installed.

On a different note it should be mentioned that while it is possible to get a nearly identical experience with the available roles for TTT2, there are quite a few unique roles available.

Migrating from Vanilla TTT

Besides checking compatiblility with addons, not much has to be considered. Use the aforementioned addonchecker to make sure your addons are up to date. In general addons that modify the HUD and rely on hardcoded roles are not compatible with TTT2.

If you want some inspiration for a working TTT2 collection, check out our official server collection. Feel free to (re-)use it.

Migrating from Town of Terror

While migrating from town of terror to TTT2 nothing special has to be considered besides the things mentioned in the chapter about the conversion from vanilla to TTT2. Most of the roles in TTT2 are completely identical to the roles in town of terror.

Custom Roles TTT2
Survivalist Survivalist
Jester Jester
Phoenix Occultist
Serialkiller Serialkiller
Infected Infected

Migrating from Custom Roles

While migrating from custom roles to TTT2 nothing special has to be considered as well. If you want to keep the same roles however, here's a compiled list of all TTT2 counterparts that are mostly the same.

Custom Roles TTT2
Glitch Spy
Mercenary Survivalist
Phantom Spectre
Assassin Executioner
Hypnotist Mesmerist
Vampire -
Zombie -
Jester Jester
Swapper Jester
Killer Serialkiller

If you also want to make it so only detectives can confirm dead bodies, you'll find some convars regarding this in ulx in the dead player settings.